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Day 2 - Tuesday


  • Check Macbook connection
  • Get iron
  • Lock game pieces
  • Check quizes
  • Print quizes
  • Students keep name on their computer





  1. Reminder: Follow Directions CAREFULLY!
  2. Do a peer review on yourself. Let me know what you best feel your abilities are. When it asks who are you leaving feedback for, put down YOUR name.
  3. Install - Go to and download Processing (this is for tomorrow's lesson)
  4. Sign-Up - Sign-up for Github.
    1. Verify your email
    2. Go to and Follow Me!
    3. Please write down your login info, so you don't lose it.
    4. Download the Windows (or Mac) client for Github (are you unsure of what this is? Uh, then Google it).
  5. Programming - Hooray! Time for some serious Software Engineering :)
    1. Do the Hello World
  6. Programming - Set up Jekyll
    1. For adding a post: Write something that analyzes the Rules, Winning Condition, and Story of your favorite game of choice.
    2. Please don't do “Optional Steps” from the link above.
    3. Once you are done, figure out how to change your About page: write about your Past/Present/Future from the morning activity
  7. Fill out your feedback and give gold stars :D
  8. Homework - Always try to finish the days work for homework.
  9. Homework - Create a design document for a game that teaches measurements of success: (1) incomplete, (2) bare minimum, (3) good enough, (4) pretty good, (5) awesome. Try to create a very creative story that incorporates this idea of these measurements. Optionally, the story of the game should have ninjas and/or an octopus cat. Bring in your Game Design Document on one sheet of paper tomorrow morning.
    1. Game should have a name
    2. Game should have a story
    3. Game should have rules
    4. Game should have winning condition
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