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Day 5


  • Madina, Aruzhan
  • Eldana, Zarina
  • Anvar, Lyailya
  • Sana, Nurball
  • Madi, Azim
  • Aisulu, Ulpan
  • Aibat, Miras
  • Olzhas, Bibinur



  • Quiz (10 minutes)
  • Egg Problem
  • Gold Stars
  • Finish Up Yesterday's work
    • Start uploading your own photos
    • Use better titles
    • Learn how to use real links
    • If your blog looks funny, please ask someone why
    • Change the github profile information for your config.yml
  • Computing Lesson
  • Review Traffic Light
  • Animations

Class Assignment

  1. Processing: Seurat Painting - How do we make a Seurat Painting animation in Processing
    1. Step 1: Make an animation
    2. Step 2: Make it so that the user can change the size of the circle
  2. Piskel - Make a Piskel sprite:
    1. Upload sprite to a blog post and talk about what it is.
  3. Perler Beads - Make a perler bead sprite
    1. Upload of photo of your perler sprite


  1. Feedback - Click Here
  2. Blog - Please blog each of your animations today. You can write a post about each one. Tell me little about how you made it and what it is.
  3. Research - Please look up Stone Librande. He is our guest speaker on Monday.
  4. Blog - Please write a blog post for as many of these games as you want. Put an analysis of these games by stating the rules, winning condition, and story. You can also watch someone play the game, but please see it from start to finish. Play until the game is over and you can write a good analysis. Each game gets it's own blog post. If you play 5 games, you write 5 posts. Call these posts “Game Review of ##########”.
  5. Optional:Processing - Animate your monster if you would like.

Guest speaker said:

  • Aza Tulepbergenov: good luck. hope it was helpful. I actually enjoyed it
  • Aza Tulepbergenov:
  • Aza Tulepbergenov: you can share those with students
  • Aza Tulepbergenov: there are a lot of educational fairs where US, UK school representatives would come in and talk about admissions. I would check those out too, if they're interested.In general, though, if you have a dream and will work hard for it over period of time, you will achieve it eventually. Computer Science is a great field with a bright future, so I'd definitely say go and study it.
/* @pjs preload="mario.jpg"; */
PImage img;
void setup()
	img = loadImage("mario.jpg");
void draw()
	for(int i = 0; i != 5; i++){
		int x = (int)random(0,460),
			y = (int)random(0,276);
		color c = img.get(x,y);
// variable
int x = 0;
int y = 0;
int dx = 3;
int dy = 4;
void setup() {  // runs one time
void draw() {   // unlimited times
  ellipse(x,y,20,20); // x=x+1
  if ((x > 300) || (x < 0))
    dx = dx*-1;
  if((y > 300) || (y < 0))
    dy = dy*-1;
  x = x + dx;    // x = x + 1
  y = y + dy;
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