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Engineering and Game Design

Almaty, Kazakhstan

In this course on Game Design, students learned foundational concepts in programming, design, and engineering, using tools and technology such as: Arduino, Processing, Sploder, and Twine. They acquired knowledge of modern day tools in revision control, cloud computing, and game development. In the classroom, students engaged in classroom discussions, documented ideas, and kept online journals. By the end of the course, each student had created their own digital project portfolio. In addition to digital game design and development, a final project in the course was to design and playtest their own board games. A major emphasis of this course is in understanding how to have an impact in the world of technology. We discussed careers as scientists, designers, engineers, artists, and producers. At the end of the course, each student created their own poster presentation on a topic they found interesting in class. These topics included design, software engineering, game studies, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and development tools among others. All of their projects and assignments are documented in their blogs that they updated multiple times a day.

  • Teacher: Sherol Chen
  • E-Mail:

In this course, we will focus on developing these 10 qualities in each student.

  1. Technical Ability – Can the student program?
  2. Presentation Skills – Can the student communicate their ideas?
  3. Design – Can the student create something coherent?
  4. Creativity – Is the student original?
  5. Teamwork and Leadership – Does the student know how to work with people?
  6. Critical Thinking and Writing – Can the student go deeper?
  7. Following Directions – Does the student pay attention to what is being asked?
  8. Effort and Integrity – Is the student trying?
  9. Participation and Helpfulness - Can the student help other students succeed?
  10. Portfolio – Did the student create a good portfolio?

In this class you will learn

  1. Design
  2. Engineering
  3. More About YOURSELF


Daily Schedule Time
8:30 Session 1 1 hr 45 min
10:15 Break 15 min
10:30 Session 2 1 hr 30 min
12:00 Lunch 1 hr
1:00 Session 3 2 hr 30 min
3:15 Finish

Course schedule will be subject to change!

Week 1MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday Friday
Topic Technology Game Studies Programming Animation Engineering
8:30 Overview Passion Posters Review Algorithms Review
What is a game? Homework Review Guest: Ayman Computing Lesson Guest: Aza
10:30 Creativity Lock Activity Party Game Scavenger Hunt Animations
TED: Growth Mindset RPS Activity Blog
1:00 Ninja Game Github Interactive Fiction Processing Piskel
Twine Jekyll Processing Blog Perler
Homework Design a Game Design Document Blog: Roles in Dev Blog: All Projects Blog: Game Reviews
Week 2MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday Friday
Topic Electronics Design AI Development Final Project
8:30 Arduino Design Doc Algorithms Guest: Ishan Finish Work
Guest: Chinara Sorting Portfolio Review Final Blog
10:30 Arduino Line Game AI Lab Bunnies Presentations
Guest: Stone Serious Games Mouse & Keys Snap/Sploder/Puzzlescript
1:00 Special Talks Object Oriented Finite State Machine Final Presentation Graduation
Arrays Game
Homework Blog Design Doc Design Doc Dice Game Keep Building Things!

Student Portfolios

Final Projects

  • Artificial Intelligence: Present about different areas in AI. Explain game AI with Rock Paper Scissors.
    • Azim
    • Olzhas
  • Game Studies: What is a game? Show some of the games made in this class.
    • Anvar
    • Madi
  • Arduino: Show the other class what you can do with Arduino.
    • Sana
    • Aruzhan
  • Processing and Animation: Explain how processing does animations. Show some animations to the other class.
    • Miras
    • Nurbal
  • Art, Engineering, and Design: Explain RGB and pixels in art. Explain how you animate sprites and what they are. Talk about the roles of Artist, Programmer, Designer, etc. Explain how they work together.
    • Lyailya
    • Aibat
  • Binary: How computers think. Talk about Algorithms a little bit. Talk about Binary and even Arduino.
    • Madina
    • Zarina
  • Github, Web Development, and Jekyll: Show the other class how powerful Github is.
    • Aisulu
    • Ulpan




  • 22-8-34 904381
  • 36-22-36 903613
  • 20-26-36 903667
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