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CROSS THE LINE IF… 1. You are female. 2. You prefer to live by the mountains. 3. You were born in Kazakhstan 4. You are from Almaty. 5. You think Pikachu is cute. 4. You know what you want to be when you grow up. 5. You enjoy sports. 6. You are an only child. 7. Your parents are divorced. 8. You consider yourself a religious person. 11. You feel like you can change your government. 12. You prefer Chinese food to Sushi. 13. You prefer vanilla to chocolate. 14. You have been in love. 15. You consider yourself to be from a poor family. 19. You have had surgery. 20. You have lived in another country. 21. You would like to control your weight better. 22. You would like to lose 10 or more pounds. 23. You have a hero or role model in your life. 24. You have stolen something from a store. 25. You get an average of eight hours of sleep each night. 26. You have smoked cigarettes. 27. You have at least one parent that graduated from college. 28. You have at least one parent that did not complete high school. 36. You have done something embarrassing as a result of alcohol or drug use. 44. You know someone who has been assaulted 45. You know someone who was pressured to do physical things they don't want to do. 47. You know someone who died in a car accident. 48. You know someone who died of cancer. 49. You have felt alone, unwelcomed, afraid. 50. You knew someone who has attempted to die by suicide. 51. You knew someone who died by suicide. 52. You have cried. 53. You have cried at least once this year for someone or something other than yourself. 54. You are comfortable with people who are homosexual. 57. You or someone you know is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. 58. You have participated in a racial, sexual, or cultural joke. 59. You don’t like these jokes, but do nothing to stop them. 60. You have been the victim of racism. 61. Your parents or grandparents might still have prejudicial thoughts. 62. You would be involved in an interracial relationship, given the right person. 65. You have been completely honest during this activity. 66. You did not cross the line in a previous statement when you should have. 67. You are willing to understand, support, and celebrate diversity.

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